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US Soundtrack

1. The Early Republic / Critical Period
“The Alexander Hamilton Mix-Tape”
Written & Performed (Live) : Lin-Manuel Miranda

2. The Civil War
“The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”
Written & Performed (Live) : The Band

3. Reconstruction
“I’m A Good Ol’ Rebel”
Written By: (CSA) Major James Innes Randolph (1914)
Performed By: Hoyt Axton

4. Life in the Cattle Kingdom
“Diamond Joe”
Unknown Authorship
Performed By: The Failsworth Pilgrims

5. Progressive Reformers
“My Little Shirtwaist Fire”
Written & Performed By: Rasputina

6. World War I
“Over There”
Written By: George M. Cohan
Performed By: Billy Murray

7. The Roaring 20s
“Ain’t We Got Fun?”
Music Written By: Richard A Whiting
Lyrics Written By: Raymond B. Egan & Gus Kahn
Performed By: Jill Corey

8. Harlem Renaissance
“Strange Fruit”
Written & Performed by: Billie Holiday
(More music from the Harlem Renaissance can be found at JCU’s Harlem Renaissance Media Archive.)

9. The Great Depression
“Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?”
Lyrics: Yip Harburg
Music: Jay Gorney
Sung by: Al Jolson

10. Dust Bowl Migrations
Lyrics by: Woodie Guthrie
Performed by: Ani DiFranco

11. The New Deal
“Roll On, Columbia”
Written & Performed by: Woodie Guthrie

12. Kent State
Written By: Neil Young
Performed By: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

13. End of the Cold War
“Right Here, Right Now”
Written By: Mike Edwards
Performed By: Jesus Jones